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Our Work - The SRG Difference

Listed by Jamie Szeibert and the Szeibert Realty Group.

Welcome to the 'Our Work' page of Szeibert Realty Group. This is where we showcase the exceptional work we've done for our clients. Browse through our collection of videos and comparison photos to see the transformations we've achieved and the remarkable results we've delivered.

Success StoryTransforming 761 Hyde Rd with SRG

At Szeibert Realty Group, we pride ourselves on achieving exceptional results for our clients. The story of 761 Hyde Rd is a perfect example of our dedication, expertise, and ability to deliver outstanding outcomes where others have fallen short.

The Challenge

The property at 761 Hyde Rd. had become a stale listing, attracting only four showings and receiving no offers. The homeowner was understandably frustrated and concerned about the lack of interest and progress.

Our Approach

When we took over, we immediately implemented a comprehensive strategy to turn things around:

  1. Staging the Property: We worked closely with the owner to stage the home, ensuring it appealed to potential buyers. This involved bringing in furniture and adding decorative elements to highlight the home's best features.

  2. Redefining the Media: We understood the importance of high-quality media in today’s real estate market. We commissioned professional photography and videography to capture stunning images and a compelling video tour that showcased the property's unique characteristics.

  3. Aggressive Marketing: Utilizing our extensive network and marketing expertise, we promoted the listing across multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. Our marketing efforts included social media campaigns, email marketing, and targeted ads to attract serious buyers.

The Results

The transformation was remarkable. In just 9 days, we generated 44 showings and received 3 strong offers. Ultimately, we sold the home for an impressive $90,000 over the listing price. This swift and successful sale not only exceeded the homeowner's expectations but also demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach.

Key Highlights

  • Showings Generated by Previous Agent: 4 showings. 0 offers.
  • Showings Generated by Szeibert Realty Group: 44 showings in 9 days
  • Offers Received: 3 offers
  • Final Sale Price: $90,000 over listing price

Don't just take our word for it – see the difference for yourself below.

Previous Listing:

SRG Takeover:

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